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i made my family disappear?


6 March 1989
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well since i'm soo vain i'm gonna talk about myself and you're gonna have to read it! muah haha!!
ok so i'm a really big dork colleen has told me that everyday this year and last year. oh speaking of colleen, she loves kieran. hehe i know that was evil. so yeah anyway i'm at amanda's house right now. shout out to amanda! thanks for helping me set this up!!! woo-hoo!!! so it's summer now... mmmyep. what else? i love heath ledger, gregory smith, and tyson ritter. i do not have a crush on red heads ahem...colleen and cherona. conan and john stevens kick ass!!! but i do not have crushes on them. so anyway...have you guys checked out the spiderman is gay website? you should it's funny!
"i'm not gay, i'm not gay, but i dance around in a gay gay way. i'm not gay no no way, but watching me dance will make you gay!"-spiderman has made you gay! amanda wants me to stop writing now so i'll get back to ya'll later. buh bye!

my pet!