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i made my family disappear?

26th April, 2007. 4:08 pm. the other day i found out that

i am a cuomosexual.

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23rd March, 2006. 4:45 pm. mmhmm

so today is my first day on livejournal in AWHILE. they made me change my password and i have the feeling i'm going to forget it. but no one reads these and i guess it's all about myspace. this could be the last entry. i better say something witty. i can't think of anything witty. that sucks.

Current mood: good.

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29th June, 2005. 8:52 pm. woo hoo

i got my permit!!!
yeah, i bet only sarah is reading this. lol

Current mood: chipper.

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12th June, 2005. 12:07 pm. to sarah:

lol here ya go sarah a WHOLE entry for you! hehe
i think hot cheetos w/ cream cheese is the most obscure thing i've eaten so no, i'm not pregnant....yet. hahaha
woo hoo 9 more school days left until summer!

(((((HUG!))))) <--- yeah, that's a hug

love ya sarah!

Current mood: chipper.

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10th May, 2005. 5:24 pm. cheetos

today for the first time i had hot cheetos with cream cheese
i don't know what the big deal is about them
they taste the same without it.
why does everyone have to eat it with cream cheese?

i'm really really sorry
i feel so bad

Current mood: shitty.

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17th April, 2005. 4:13 pm. high note

friday i went to disneyland with clifton, his 2 friends kristen and john, and sandy.
we had a swell time and also went to california adventure. the materhorn was open and so was splash mountian yess!!! it was my first time at california adventure and we rode tower of terror (woo hoo brien!), screamin' california, some rip off of supreme scream, and soarin' california, after which, sandy and i felt sick. hehe
to make the whole day complete we had dinner at the coca cola place again like last time and guess who was there?!!!!!! JOHNNY!!! and he remembered us! it was awesome. clifton was told to play a song on the piano again and once more jealousy seeped out of me. golly, i wish i was talented. haha
while waiting to go on the tram to the parking lot sandy made the "clifton lum" face. and sandy and i laughed for about 10 minutes straight. haha i think he got mad at us after awhile. :P

o and i hear that joe is showing my lj to his friends. so hi to all of you!

Current mood: blah.

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11th April, 2005. 5:31 pm. SPRING BREAK!!!

ok so the first day of spring break (Today) i didn't do anything but suck on cough drops. thanks colleen for the cold you gave me! hehe jk. i also watched that michel gondry dvd that caitlin gave me for christmas. hehe yay! it makes me so happy! tomorrow i may go to santa monica with rabia and hang out with the hot rich boys. hehe i hope joe's not reading this! :P
ooo and wednesday i get to wake up way too early and have breakfast with colleen and clifton at IHOP. who's buying? i'm not :P. then after that they're coming over to watch movies. and rabia may come too if she's not gonna be a bum. hehe
woo hoo spring break!

Current mood: content.

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25th March, 2005. 5:58 pm. i miss you

I'm here without you baby
But you're still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
And i dream about you all the time
I'm here without you baby
But you're still with me in my dreams
And tonight it's only you and me


Current mood: sad.

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11th March, 2005. 9:17 pm. walker texas ranger

i just wanted to say happy belated birthday to chuck norris.
hehe although his birthday was yesterday
mr. norris you have made me giggle and laugh out loud watching your clips from "walker, texas ranger". thank you.
also i found out on imdb that he kinda grew up in torrance.
yay! now we have tarrantino AND fricken walker texas ranger.

Current mood: busy.

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6th March, 2005. 2:59 pm. yay

it's my birthday
and i'm SWEET 16!
too bad i don't have a party....

people who called me today (thank you!)
1. cherona (8:15 am and woke up my parents)
2. matt (who didn't even know it was my b-day!)
3. caitlin
4. amanda/steven
thanks guys!

Current mood: giddy.

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